Creative Discovery Archetype – Distance Dreamer




The Distance Dreamer in her Archetypal Presence is timeless and ageless.

She carries potent qualities that are distinctive and powerful. Moving between layers of conscious awareness she travels in multiple forms. She knows how to pace herself and follow the rhythm of ebb and flow. She lands and waits, to ready herself, wherever wisdom is rising.


The blended energies of the Distance Dreamer include the Visionary, the Mystic and the Sensitive Seer.

As a Distance Dreamer:

  • You travel in mind, heart and soul using the mystery of the dream world, or the imaginal realm, to reveal and expand your awareness.
  • You are intuitive by nature, sensitive and aware you cherish your time alone.
  • You are highly creative and musing is key to your most nourishing experiences.
  • You love to see or translate energy into image, color and form, and may even shape words into stories.

As a Distance Dreamer you create ample space to observe. You take your time to notice where you are being called. The introspective nature of dreaming guides your life, and offers a powerful pathway of creative discovery. You need the time and space to be with yourself, in order to dream things into being.


You are independent yet connected and can feel comfortable in many settings but are drawn to the mystical and ephemeral world beyond the veil. This calling brings you deep joy when fully expressed and allows you to develop trust in yourself that may have been wounded at some time in your past.


A wounded experience can make you feel vulnerable and cautious yet the yearning for adventure invites you to travel into possibility. This readiness offers a new kind of meaning-making, even when it is experienced as waiting you are doing much more than you can see underneath the surface. You are stretching the edge of your dreaming ability to connect, envision, experience, expand and manifest. This is how you step into a new story and move beyond the edge of what is known.


This moment of yes is right at the edge of your dreamer’s wing. Are you ready to take flight? What do you feel seeing through your dreamers eye? What can you sense on the horizon of time?


The traveling totem of the Distance Dreamer is the Sacred Bee who is accompanying you to pollinate your dreams and create connections with the spirit realm that will illuminate your life.


Affirmation for the Distance Dreamer:

I travel the path of empowered dreaming that enlivens my life.


The Range of Experience for the Distance Dreamer includes:

  • Expanded ability to vision and explore resonance
  • Watchful, discerning and willing to wait and see
  • Intuition and experience open conscious connection
  • At the edge of what is next, you are ready to activate or realize
  • Opening to a new ability within, and the doorway of discovery

Learning to embody the images that you create is the invitational space of the Distance Dreamer. You grow your abilities when you develop different ways to follow the dream. You activate awareness that will enhance life and invite a new story to emerge.





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