"Transformation" Articles

New Retreat Video + Joy in the Gathering

By Cat Caracelo | May 12, 2023

Listen to my joy in the journey as I share more of what is being planned for the next retreat. I share some history of how I am inspired to choose, craft and consider the retreat details far in advance. Find out more of what being envisioned and invited in this divine gathering for women,…

The Lovers + The Twins | Archetypes of the Tarot

By Cat Caracelo | May 4, 2023

I have explored archetypes from many perspectives and have always been intrigued by the Major Arcana in the tarot as archetypal source material. The Tarot is an exciting source of symbolic language, offering images that have their roots in alchemy. These are evocative when exploring our own stories through imagery. The Twins or The Lovers as an archetype,…

[Video] My Story + Working with Archetypal Energies

By Cat Caracelo | March 27, 2023

I’d love to invite you to join the upcoming IGNITE eCourse, find more details and information here >>  

[VIDEO] What is Midlife anyway?

By Cat Caracelo | March 6, 2023

What is Midlife? Chronological age is beside the point, don’t do the math, explore your current journey to redefine life! We are here to measure midlife in quality and potential at anytime for every women. We are women traveling along a long lifeline that naturally holds many varied experiences. Please listen as I share more…

Jungian Based Coaching Certification

By Cat Caracelo | September 1, 2022

Are you beginning again to create and cultivate deeper connections? Is the impact of Personal, Communal, Collaborative and Universal transformation part of your vision and desire? This program offers distinctive ways to deepen and expand – explore your stories and expand the healing field through the lens of Creative Depth Approach. Explore self as client,…

Creativity + Active Dreaming

By Cat Caracelo | April 13, 2022

Dreaming is a powerful connective conduit to the creative process. Dreaming is the first place we experience the Sacred Journey, catching glimpses of how big we are, how small we feel, where we are tripped up, how fierce we might be if all of our anger was unleashed and what fearless feels like when we…

Our New Forum + Moving OFF Facebook for Our Groups

By Cat Caracelo | November 12, 2021

Come over to check out our BEAUTIFUL sister space… JOIN US at: belong.journeypathinsitute.com This is where new programing, groups and communication will start to flourish! The open spaces are called Get Started and Gathering Wisdom The private groups are here too, and new classes will include our AMAZING Classrooms (no changes are planned there!) PLUS…

Exploring Martyr + ReStorying Archetypal Patterns

By Cat Caracelo | October 8, 2021

For years, I rejected that I was a Martyr. For years, I also unconsciously exercised being a Martyr. It was a shock to my system when I saw this side of myself and let myself move closer to acknowledging it – and over time – to owning it. There are a few specific ways I…

Soul Gardening in Covid-Time

By Cat Caracelo | June 20, 2020

The call into the garden is strong at this time of year. It is the space of verdant growth and energy that delights the senses. For some the garden is realized in a large cultivated space, for others it is wholly wild, still others have clustered pots and containers holding their beauty and bounty. Within…

Visioning + Co-Creative Experience

By Cat Caracelo | November 21, 2019

We are called to vision. We are called to become that which is calling us forward. Within this space of exploring and expressing all of who we are, through depth work, coaching, experiential creativity and learning, we seek and find the shades of shadow and the poetry of possibility… The constant in my life is my ability to…