"Emotional Knowledge" Articles

International Womens Day, Every Day

By Cat Caracelo | March 8, 2018

International Women’s Day is today…I invite you to honor and celebrate all that is changing and rising to meet us! Womens Day is Every Day Below, I share an invocation, a living prayer, a powerful expression of who we are. Also I offer some important ideas about how Artist and Activist intersects, creates sacred space…

Self-Care at the Holidays

By Cat Caracelo | November 22, 2017

Tender remembering, feelings and old triggers can meet us, sometimes to our dismay, at the holiday season. With Thanksgiving in the United States coming soon, I am reminded of my own triggers, a time of grief when I wanted to scream and run. Celebration days, holiday traditions and seasonal energies can be complicated, both delightful…

Emotional Literacy and the FEEL Method

By Cat Caracelo | December 22, 2016

A key component of the work of a Creative Depth Coach is to support clients to make sense of their emotions through their growing emotional literacy, well expressed emotional agility and emotional sovereignty. As an individual you will work on this within your own life experience, exploring and identifying when emotion comes to the surface, how it behaves,…