Complimentary Depth Coach Breakthrough Session

Perfect for those of you who are interested in finding out more about this approach, ready to discover how this profound work can serve you for healing, growth, extended learning and professional expansion.

I'm excited to hear what has inspired you, and whether you are feeling challenged, excited or are just ready to dive deeper.

Uncover and discover...a complementary call is a fantastic opportunity to:

- Explore where healing is needing attention
- Get insights to align your life and your work
- Experience energy, inspiration and activation
- Step away from this call with a breakthrough
- Gain insights for your next steps

I'm thrilled to connect!

1. Click through and choose your time zone (upper right dropdown menu).

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            3. Fill out the four required questions so I can be prepared to serve your needs, during our call.

You will receive reminder when scheduled along with the Zoom Link.

AT OUR APPOINTED TIME you click through, wait for me in the waiting room and I'll invite you in to our "Zoom Room". This is a simple web-share platform (using camera phone, pad or computer)!


If you are interested in knowing more about Creative Depth Coaching Certification, a one year program that started March 2019, please fill in the Application before our scheduled call to let me know more about you! 

LINK - CDCC Online Application + Detailed Information >>>