You Are A Bridge Builder

The Bridge Builder in her Archetypal Presence is one who sees connections, constellations and the way across or through. She carries her own potent qualities that are distinctive and powerful. She has long-vision and a deep desire to create and shape the world she lives in.

She is a weaver of dreams and things, where ideas become manifest. She is connected, focused and determined. The golden light emanating from within is her illuminated source of divine alignment.


The blended energies of the Bridge Builder include the Visionary, the Queen and the Creatrix


As a Bridge Builder:

  • You have the ability to see and recognize potential
  • You have the vision and passion to build something from nothing
  • You are called to create pathways that lead to deeper wisdom
  • You are connected, determined and self-directed
  • You love to explore possibilities as you learn and grow


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