Beltane Blessings | Classroom Access

Beltane Blessings Classroom is OPEN:



Special note – this is a free course, you have registered and this is a link to ACCESS the classroom!

You will need to sign in and create a password if you are new to our JourneyPath Institute classes. Once you are in, all classes will be added to your learning library, so do make note of your user name, password and access link, as you may use these again and again!

*Here is my trick for remembering too many passwords – I email myself and save the line/password to a PW file in my email folders!

The dedicated classrooms through JourneyPath Institute are used in a private university platform, that we have been using for 12 years!

This is a separate space, not integrated into the JPI website!

Beltane Blessings is a limited time offering and is open through May 21st!

Lots of love,