Active Reclaiming

reclaim_frontAs seasons shift and life turns, reclaiming is a particular energetic principle that is frequently needed, and welcome.

Each step of a journey – and in this case a JourneyCircles™ transformation card – holds a message that contains an invitation of engagement (moving energy) and a transformative outcome. Transformative outcomes are based on the experiences and perspectives that are found when we are moving in and through the active journey, one that many times will mirror the hero or heroine’s journey, the Quest.

Artmaking is Active

JourneyCircles™ Card: Energy GatheringThe moving energy of an invitation to RECLAIM grows into a Vibrant Brilliance by nature of the “artist seeker” being in relationship with the facets and forms, exploring the stories that move through ones own life and art.

Intuitive artmaking invites each of us into personal journey, a creative conversation. We ask, and quest with what is unclear or unknown – seeking and finding how the energy of reclaiming is accessible. Reading the narratives that are held in art can be compelling clues that will energize LIFE. Notice how she is gathering a dark sky – bringing in shimmering energy that pools around her heart space.

What do you see here, in this image, that mirrors your own story? What is it in your story that is ready to be experienced in an extended journey experience?

In QuestPath, a Year Long Journey Experience, we are engaging the journey and traveling with art and life to assist in deepening and transformation. You are invited to enter into a space of reclaiming through the lens of awareness that will spark and activate the deeper layers of your current journey and inspire the parts of life that is ready to be seen and known. In the journey there is always that place of crossing into the unknown – it sometimes feels like a risk to create and reclaim what has been lost – but can also be a deep and abiding place in which one will develop trust. Perhaps it is a gathering of courage that she feels, as the image above shows, so that stepping into the unknown is a gift of opening. This kind of a “entering” journey might be akin to traveling into the Forest, a place that Joseph Campbell called the shadowlands and Jean Shinoda Bolen calls a place of remembering.

I call this space Mystery.

How do you meet your Mystery?

Jean Shinoda Bolen quote