Accessing the Imaginal Realm

One of the roles of the Creative Depth Coach is to find defined ways to guide and support your clients as they access their imaginal realm. As they discover how to be in relationship with imagery and find inner resources that will help to navigate their own healing, the Depth Coach points them toward possibility and abilities that are unrealized.

The imaginal realm is the space of one’s intuitive or inner eye, where images reflect, make meaning of, and story one’s experience.

By assisting clients to connect to intuitive information, we create the means for them to access and understand their own source material.

Along with JourneyCircles here are a few methodologies that my Creative Depth Coaching Certification students and I use to work with clients as they access their imaginal realm:

Visualization: The ability to daydream, vision and use the imaginal realm in very determined ways, using powerful images in our mind’s eye to develop structures and direction.

Active Imagination: A process used by Carl Jung, this exploration includes visualization, dream work and using metaphor to awaken and explore the deep psyche and unconscious mind.

Guided Meditation/Shamanic Journeying: A technique used by indigenous spiritual leaders and healers, this process invites travel into the interior world, the realm of deep psyche and otherworlds. Using the sound of the voice (guided meditation), toning, drum or rattle (shamanic journeying), we access powerful elemental energies, sacred environments, parts of self, guides, allies and challengers, all the while welcoming new awareness.

Meditation: The mind is stilled; psycho-spiritual awareness becomes more present when meditating or quieting the mind in nature. Silent and gentle movement such as walking meditation, working with spiral or labyrinth as meditation invites experience. Opening access to connected awareness increases the ability to relax and listen. The practice of letting go offers profound insight.

Embodied Movement/Dance: The sacred vessel of the body offers a powerful way to access our wisdom. We make art and energy flows, we tap into intuitive information and our energy surges. We engage in intense ways and find ourselves stuck or flooded, we stumble into strong emotion or find shadow material and it shifts our embodied energy. As we engage in transformative process it is important to pay attention to the body.

Mytho-Poetic Writing and Journaling: The voice that is discovered through accessing words, poems, stories, flow and intuitive writing forms is a valuable way to deepen insight and increase understanding. We can observe our deeper thoughts as they flow through the pen; discovering clues and deep feelings as we allow words to offer new edges of knowing. Writing invites unseen patterns within objects and images, to be explored through the lens of language. Mytho-poetic writing and journaling also stimulates expression of emotions and provides stories of healing.

The engagement with self and materials becomes a passage way to the inner imaginal realm, where personal and collective wisdom, and information, is held. Once known, seen, heard and recognized, this inner wisdom can be embraced, explored and expressed. Working with image, symbol and form long past the time of creating holds potency, deepens self-knowledge and become one’s own source material.

You are an Artist of Life!

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