A Love Note Video

I love this poem, it was and remains healing balm…a way to see what is often hidden, when love seems far away.

On another February 14th, when death of a loved one brought me to the very edge of my own capacity to hold onto Love. It was depth work that gave voice to what I needed, I began to create over the following days, and came to the Bee Hive Heart…first it was a way to express and then became a space to acknowledge profound pain, the process was sacred and gave me a place to to heal, ultimately to make the Heart a sanctuary space to hold all of the hearts broken and needing healing in a terrible time of deep grief.

There is so much to learn in life, the lightness and pleasure of love given, received and the pain of not having what you need. This is my love note to you…we can create our own Love in the sanctuary of the heart. In fact this is the art I made this morning, the torn edges offer the light passage.

This is how to live your Love!

How are you this?

Sometimes it is the deep healing needed in a moment that returns us to the Sanctuary of the Heart, where a wild beehive grows bigger than what was there before. This is how I want to live and love…

WHERE LOVE LIVES…is in the sanctuary of the heart.

Your Heart. This heart!

Today is a day to remember that Love is Love is Love is Love, and it lives in this place, or sacred space we create.

The song Sanctuary is also a powerful way to listen in and be moved to create what you and others need most – to turn to the Sanctuary of the Heart, to create its shape and learn its secrets…to know it is yours.

May we all continue to co-create this space as we gather in, listen, respond, receive, be and give LOVE…

Sanctuary by Carrie Newcomer