2023 Retreat | Food Needs

Meals are being prepared by the award winning chefs and catering department at Camp Lucy!

General Menus are described below.

Please send your request form and use the needed fields below to indicated any food requests that may include vegan or vegetarian!

Be assured that many choices at all meals will offer flexibility and options! Coffee, tea, water and iced tea are offered at all meals and at a few dinners we will have a few extra beverages. The meals you see below are planned and curated for our event…

If you need general and updated retreat details they are HERE >>



Morning meal will offer eggs, cheese on side, breakfast meat, potatoes, fruit, oatmeal (fixings on side), bread and some veggie option.

Beverages: Coffee, Tea, Water


LUNCH MENUS (Days not assigned yet):


DINNER MENUS (Days not assigned yet):

Please note: If you request Vegan/Vegetarian, your plates will be delivered to you, by name.

Retreat 2023 Food Needs

See menus and let me know if there is a special need for food!

General Meal Preference(Required)
Choose one or more that apply. Meals will be created for those needing specific menu!