Embrace the spirit of Summer in your life, as you embark on a luscious Twelve Day Creative Journey. Explore your inner experience and create with the energies that will guide you to discover aligned delight and vibrant connection as you move into this Solstice Season.
Are you ready to activate your own creative journey? 
Starts June 9th! Just add your contact information and you will receive access:
In this twelve day creative  journey you will:
  • Feel aligned and centered as you move into a stronger relationship with self and community, exploring what this season of golden light and rising energy will being to your life!
  • Activate wisdom and seek new awareness of personal connection, as you discover important symbols that will inspire and express what this season can bring.
  •  Connect to your archetypal Summer Spirit, through creative expression, embodied awareness and earth-energies that meet you in various ways.
  •  Celebrate the meaningful and abundant gifts that this Solstice Season brings, with simple creative prompts to meet each day...
Invite Summer Solstice to inspire you!

Summer Solstice has been celebrated in all cultures, for all time remembered. On the longest day of the year, the cycle of light is suspended in time, the active energy of day is amplified and more is made visible. 

It is the energy of summer that expands our inner and outer awareness...

The heat and light fuels specific energies that we can explore through creative connection, movement, play and delight! 

The solstice connects us to the cycles of the earth, inspiring us to enliven our understanding of our own seasonal and sensual cycles...finding what is rising inside. 

Summer brings embodied connection, activation and empowerment. Each daily message and creative invitation will inspire your life! 
What to Expect!
>> Each morning for twelve days, you will receive a short video or guided journey, as well as quote, poem and imagery to guide you on the path of your creative Summer Solstice experience. 

>> Spend a few minutes each day into evening, to create, muse and engage with the suggestions and prompts that inspire you.

>> Choose the time, place and “creative way” that feels most aligned. You will be traveling and creating with the vibrant energy of summer, through these twelve days leading up to the Solstice. Delight in new insights and discover new energies that will inspire your life!

"beautiful deep work..."

"Working with Cat Caracelo and doing this beautiful, deep work has given me a way to access and understand many parts of myself, to expand through personal growth, and to find ways to bring forward my own personal stories and truths. I have found new and deeply meaningful paths, along with language and tools to express the deepest parts of me, allowing me to heal, transform and experience a richer life. I love the sense of community and the individual emphasis through personal coaching calls." - Jan Blencowe

"creative passion that builds..."

“Working with Cat Caracelo was a game changer for me and I highly recommend her programs and training's. If you want to experience your own creative passion that builds a new way of being, choose these programs that are theoretically sound, skill rich and experiential practice - all founded in a Jungian, expressive arts and narrative coaching approach. This approach to journey work and depth coaching will support you in more ways than you can imagine.” -Susan Lang

Cat Caracelo
A message from Cat:

"I have spent many years recognizing and working with the paradoxes, complexities and shadow material of my own life. These are the doorways to opening into vision and vitality. I continue to explore my life stories and unravel experiences through the multifaceted lens of the psyche and the inner landscape. This is the richness of depth work, and the most potent and powerful approach to living a creative, full and balanced life, that I have ever experienced or seen for others.

Incorporating intuitive creativity, symbolic language and coaching tools, I took my own experiences and designed a unique and dynamic Depth Coaching process that inspires wellness, wholeness and choice. Designing life with conscious attention and creative inspiration is always a personal and an ever-changing journey, for us all. This translates into my work with thousands of women who are committed to creating positive change their lives through programs like this and Depth Coaching, Mythos Journey or attending my beloved Goddess Retreats, as well as the amazing 1:1 work that happens in individual depth coaching and customized mentoring."

Cat Caracelo is the founder of JourneyPath Institute; a depth coach, educator, artist and “guidess” working internationally with individuals and groups.

Cat is the author of Gathering Wholeness, the creator of the JourneyCircles™ + MoonCircles™ process, has led thousands of women through her unique Mythos Journey and Quest community based eCourses that have been offered continuously for well over a decade.

She has designed and developed an innovative approach to depth work, creative process and coaching, that is delivered in JourneyPath Institute advanced programs and training's, with thriving coaching practice and retreats in the United States and Europe, she experiences a rich and dynamic life.
Are you ready for your creative journey?
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